How to Choose a Dress Shirt

There are many guys who are not sure how the dress shirt should fit and how they should choose the right dress shirt.

Taking care of few things help in choosing possibly better dress shirt.


The shirt yoke measurement must be accurate so that it is exactly according to the measurement of your shoulders so the shirt gives a balanced look.


Collar size is one of the basic measurement for the shirt. It is measured buttonhole to button while laying it flat. It is considered to be right if it is easy to button up the collar. Another way to check is while collar is buttoned there is room for two fingers but no more or less. In case no ties are to be worn than collar can be little tight or loose.


Shirt is considered to be proper fit shirt if it is comfortable around chest and under armpits, there is proper comfort for the body movement. There should not be pull of buttons while body is at ease.


Armhole size is to have proper cut to give a tapered feel under arms which is comfortable enough for the arm movement. There should not be any noticeable fabric hanging under the arm.


Waist measurement is to give shirt taper from chest to waist so it is along the contours of the body. There is no access fabric around waist when shirt is tucked in the pants.


It is same as chest measurement, sleeve length should be just right doesn’t have excess fabric.


Length of the shirt depend on the choice that shirt is to be tucked or untucked. The right length for shirt when tucked in pants is that when arm are raised above the head the shirt does not pop out of the pant. When shirt is to be worn untucked its length should be so that the tail fall past the back pockets of the pants.

In addition to the proper measurements for the shirt one has to decide what type of overall fit is desired. The three popular types of fits for dress shirt are:

    • Slim fit: It is a bit tight around chest and waist.
    • Broad fit: It gives overall loose fitting of the shirt.
    • Athletic cut: It has full chest having room for muscular chest and it is tapered at waist.


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